# Praxis

Autumn 2020, early morning
Spring 2020, noon

# Two trees, update 2

After 517 days: The left tree (L) developing nicely. Thu, 16.09.21

# Two trees, update 1

After 20 days, the left tree already shows new shoots on all branches. Thu, 07.04.2020
Tree L, in detail. The new environment seems to have a positive impact. Thu, 07.04.2020

# I dream of COVID

Interesting website, collecting dreams related to COVID-19:

# Two trees

Two trees- a private sibling study. Sat, 18.04.2020

Nature AND nurture, day 1: These two trees (L and R) are most likely biological siblings. Before they got separated about 5 years ago, their appearance re. shape and size was very similar. The tree to the right grew up in a different environment, about 25 km away. One April 18th 2020 they were reunited: L followed R. It will be interesting to see whether L will catch up.

# Online resources about Psychoanalysis

Freud Library Complete Works